We are on a mission to inspire hope and foster collaboration for the causes you care about.


Greg envisioned functional maps of people, organizations, and activities associated with a specific cause—any common good cause.

Stemming from his career of helping leaders of organizations and communities build cultures of collaboration, Greg knew a thing or two about the barriers that existed and the ones that prevented difference-makers from, well, making a difference. Simply put, leaders did not have an easy way to see Who is Working on What.

WiWoW prioritizes causes that amplify the health and vitality of our communities, which are typically rooted in the five categories of common good:


Health &


Learning &


Society &


Organizations &


Natural & Built



WiWoW was founded in 2017 by Greg Ranstrom, who launched a prototype website with a vision of connecting people with purpose. By building out maps of the people, organizations, and activities associated with a specific cause, he wanted to make it easier to identify where real progress is being made, and who is helping to make it.


In 2021 WiWoW became a Public Benefit Corporation focused on facilitating cross sector collaboration to advance community health. We prioritize efforts which address social determinants of health broadly defined in the areas of health, economy, education, built and natural environment, and social context.

leadership team
Class led by Greg of American Leadership Forum fellows


After releasing WiWoW 1.0 in February 2019, we worked with our early adopters, including UC Santa Cruz and the Central Oregon Health Council, to help them map the projects and networks where they wanted to visualize their impact and efficacy.
Community forum for Santa Clara County lead by Greg


The desire and necessity to maintain an authentic, inclusive, and inspiring culture is fueled by our every day decisions.

The WiWow brand that is shared externally is a pure result of the culture we manifest internally.

Our culture in action will support our vision, and mission and core principles.


Inspiring hope and fostering collaboration for social change. We will never create a business model that favors profit over purpose.


Facilitating hope and collaboration through a trusted, open, shared platform that displays social change networks.



Inclusion & Access




Meet Greg Ranstrom

“I envision a world where people are easily connected with purpose, where identifying and celebrating progress is achievable, where resources are accessible, where collaboration is fostered, and where shared interest trumps self-interest. ”

Greg’s career spanned 30 years as a coach and consultant to leaders, teams, organizations, and communities. He created top-level leadership development programs and processes for large companies like HP and Medtronic and worked with startups like the early Netflix, Humm, and Invitrogen. He consulted for nonprofit and government agencies and he led large community dialogues on topics like wildlife conservation, guns, and homelessness. As director of the Fellows Program for the American Leadership Forum, Greg guided explorations of leadership responses to vexing societal challenges. As a volunteer, he applied all he learned to help his own community of Bend, Oregon thrive.

While Greg has been privileged to work with many influential leaders and organizations, his goal has always been to help any small or large purposeful community thrive—from coaching kids’ soccer teams to high profile executive teams, from working with Latinx community leaders to whole company cultures. WiWoW is another expression of Greg’s purpose.

In 2019, Greg was diagnosed with ALS. True to form, Greg remains a warm, compassionate, and thoughtful leader dedicated to bringing the best out of individuals and communities alike. Still inspired and inspiring, he is optimistic about opportunities for WiWoW to assist people and organizations in their missions to make the world a better, more connected place. Greg lives in Bend, Oregon, with his family.



Anita Nunes

Anita Nunes is a respected conceptual and inspirational leader of business reinvention and evolutionary change within major corporate institutions. As the Founder/CEO of Pluzze, she has guided and overseen sales acceleration for entrepreneurs seeking investment funding or managing sales milestones. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at SKAEL, an AI company that enables organizations (including WiWoW) to make the impossible a reality today. She is a key voice in driving WiWoW to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity, not to mention the technology that underpins the platform.

Greg Papadopoulos

Greg Papadopoulos, Venture Partner at NEA and former EVP and CTO of Sun Microsystems, is an integral member of the WiWoW Advisory Board. Before that, Greg was a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Bringing his expertise on cutting-edge technology and its potential applications, as well as the guidance of an experienced VC investor, Greg has offered indispensable insight to developing the WiWoW product. Greg is also a Senior Fellow at the American Leadership Forum and a committed advocate for diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.
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Mary Dent

Mary Dent, former CEO at Green Dot Bank and General Counsel at Silicon Valley Bank, has spent her career committed to building healthy, collaborative work cultures. Channeling her experience in corporate environments into insights she can bring to early-stage organizations. Mary’s voice has been key in helping guide WiWoW as a platform to connect people to their passions. Aside from serving on the WiWoW Advisory Board, she currently works as a professional coach and serves on several corporate and non-profit boards.

Gregory King

Gregory King, former Senior Vice President & General Counsel at Veritas Technologies and Symantec, brings a level of legal and corporate expertise that has proven invaluable to WiWoW and it’s team. Since 2017, Gregory has shifted his focus to Angel Investment – focusing on the technology, biotech, real estate and hospitality industries, all from the comfort of his home office. A dedicated fan of his son’s high school football team, Gregory is grateful for the extra time to cheer on the team each week.
Gregory King


We’re always looking for more people who share the passion and mission at WiWoW – if you’re interested in joining the team as an employee, contractor, intern or volunteer, please email work@wiwow.org.


If you’re interested in supporting WiWoW’s vision, please email invest@wiwiow.org.