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With a free WiWoW account, you can create networks and add yourself as a node, connecting you to people and projects with similar missions.

No matter how you interact with WiWoW, you’ll receive the guaranteed trust and security that we will protect your data, and never harvest or sell it to 3rd parties.

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Premium puts you in charge.

You can build robust, connected networks with up to 1,000 linked activities, track your link data, generate and download easy-to-digest reports, and increase your visibility to other users.

WiWoW Plans Include

link data

Link Data

Link your data sources to create networks automatically.


Subscriber's networks display in our dropdown search result suggestions. We also show one of our Subscriber's networks in the tool upon first click to



Create reports and presentations that do more than just convey information. Wow your audience with beautiful design, display network maps in action, and pull up profiles in real time.

Trust & Security

We will never sell your data to a third party and we won't generate revenue from advertising. We will never treat you as a product to sell.

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