Getting Started with WiWow

So you’ve signed up for WiWoW - now what?

Click on the video below to get started.

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Create your networks

Think about the Who, Why, What, and Where for each of your networks.

The following questions are designed to help you think about the purpose behind your networks and how you might design and organize those networks to effectively map the mission that you’re passionate about.

once you answer the questions above...

Write your network descriptions using the following simple template:
This network is for _________ (who is it for?)
to (why are you mapping this network?)
This network is about (what social issue is this network designed to map?)
in (what region or community is this taking place in?)


This network is for fueling innovation among the agencies, programs and other efforts providing mentoring, guidance, internships and scholarships to young adults post foster care in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will launch an initiative in September 2021 to engage all of our grantees who support young adults post foster care. We imagine this map will reveal many actionable insights to further our collective mission.

Now Create your network!

Follow the prompts in the tool. You will have the option to enter your data manually or connect to your preferred data source.

For manual entry, you will need to add at least one activity to start. This activity must exist in the database. Choose a relevant activity or type “network null activity” and use this as a temporary placeholder.

Complete the process and congratulations for creating your first network!

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You can also watch these videos for easy, step-by-step instructions on how to add an Activity, Organization, Person, or Network!

Edit your information

To edit an activity or an organization, simply click on any activity. In the window that opens up, click the “Edit” button. You can now change any relevant information associated with the activity or organization.

Note : Activities, Organizations, and Networks are open for editing by default. Sometimes the original creator will lock the profile disablingfor editing. In this case you must reach out to them to request changes.


Using the WiWoW search bar, you can search for Activities/Purposes you’re passionate about, People you know or want to connect with, Organizations that inspire you, Networks you want to visualize, or by your region or community.

Use Advanced Search to further filter and narrow down your search.  Search by:

  • Activities/Purpose
  • People
  • Organizations
  • Networks
  • Geography
Using our “Link Data” feature, you can upload any Comma Separated Value (.csv) file to WiWoW. Then, WiWoW will automatically populate a network map, showing the people, activities, and organizations listed in your document.