For the social change makers who SHAPE the world we live in.

WiWoW connects people and resources to purposeful action by displaying a birds-eye view of human collaborative networks.

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Who is using WiWoW?

The philanthropists, institutional leaders, movement organizers, and community members who step up to help our communities thrive. 

community members

Community members

It can be hard to know how to make a difference. WiWoW shows positive activity which can generate hope, motivation, and direction to solve community challenges.

Non-profit leaders

WiWoW allows people to get a whole-community perspective before launching a redundant activity or organization.


Faith leaders

Faith leaders and their communities tackle some of the most intractable community challenges. WiWoW helps people beyond the faith communities see, connect to, and support faith-based efforts to serve the common good.

For-profit leaders

Because WiWoW is activity-centric, for-profit leaders can immediately see opportunities to get things done to contribute to the vitality of their communities.


Public officials

Public officials will be able to show positive, collaborative activity in the community, generating hope and direction for the common good.



Philanthropists will be able to see positive, collaborative activity in the community. They will also see redundancies and under-resourced issues.

Intelligent mapping for social change.

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"WiWoW is helping us make smart decisions to address both homelessness and foster care across Santa Clara County."

Dave Cortese